Brila Glass Coating Service

BRILA Premium Body Glass Coating



  1. 选择"BRILA" premium Glass Coating超级镀钻的客户,即可享受一年无限次"F1"豪华洗车--价值$68刀每次!

  2. 选择全车贴膜的客户,即可享受一年无限次"F1"豪华洗车--价值$68刀每次!
  3. 选择Super Full Detail的客户,即可获得10次"F1"豪华洗车券--价值$680刀
  4. 购买"F1" VIP洗车券套餐立即减$50刀
  5. 点赞享受免费咖啡,转发享受免费Fangio洗车!!!

Strong Repellence

Water becomes droplets


It makes a car showroom looking

Ultra Violet

Protection for 5 year’s

Water Reduction

Minimizing water usage and easy to clean

Protection from 

environmental abrasions

An overall car spa protection system

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